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Over the last decade, Serbia has emerged as the largest economy of CEFTA and an unpolished gem as an investment destination for foreign investors- despite the turmoil that engulfed the former Yugoslavia in the 1990’s.

In 2011, Serbia took the mantle of being the leading CEFTA exporter with a commanding annual trade surplus. Over the years, the country has engaged in major legal reforms that have liberalized it’s market and brought regulations in-line with EU & international standards. Large-scale privatization of state assets has taken-place since 2003 and reforms of the banking sector have proven successful. Furthermore, the Belgrade Stock Exchange is begining to warrant the attention of international investors seeking emerging-market opportunities. Strengthened protection and judicial enforcement of intellectual property rights ensures that international
standards provide a platform for competitive R&D investment.

Major global companies have become increasingly aware of Serbia’s strategic economic potential and have established beach-head operations there by either acquiring assets or undertaking greenfield investments to serve regional and European markets.

With a free trade agreement in place with Russia, and harmonized customs regulations, Serbia is a member of the Russian Customs Union. An increasing number of international businesses and investors are relocating manufacturing and service operations to Serbia in order to supply markets of the Russian Customs Union and also to take advantage of Serbia’s strategic position to supply EU and CEFTA markets.

If your organisation’s strategic goals require a dynamic approach to harnessing the advantanges of the CEFTA economies, we are confident that an innovative approach may be implemented in Serbia.
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